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PSL Recrutement

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Université PSL is a community of nearly 4,900 people. When you are hired by one of its component schools, you help drive the actions of a school, shaping its history and defining characteristics. You also become part of a globally ranked university on the cutting edge of research, creation, and innovation.
PSL is tackling this challenge in the conviction that the talent, experience and diversity of its personnel represent its most valuable asset. Human resources are the main source of its excellence.
The priorities of the university’s HR policy reflect its common values:

  • Promoting diversity in all its forms: social background, gender, nationality, disability.
  • Helping employees achieve professional well-being in every respect .
  • Developing and adapting its skills base to reflect changes in each field of activity, expanding skills to further career plans and development.
  • Promoting inclusive programs to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in university life and PSL’s growth.


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